My New Obsession with Divergent *Minor Spoilers*

DivergentOkay, so there might be a few spoilers in this post so if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie proceed with caution! Today I’m going to talk about how I have deprived myself of the genius that is Veronica Roth and the amazing world she has created with the Divergent series.

I will admit that I purposely avoided starting this series because I am extremely picky when it comes to books about dystopian societies. I still haven’t even touched The Hunger Games because I made the mistake of seeing the movies first and now I’m afraid of reading all the things that were left out of the films. I also decided to watch Divergent before reading it and fortunately, I loved the movie so much that I just had to go out and but the book. Watching the movie, I could tell there was such a huge chunk of the story that I wasn’t getting, and unlike THG, it made me want to read the books. While I understood the overall ideal of the story, I decided to further enlighten myself. And boy, am I glad I did!

I absolutely love this book and I’m dying to read Insurgent before the movie comes out in March because I will most certainly be at the midnight screening. After seeing Divergent, I came across a lot of spoilers on the internet regarding parts of Divergent that were left out of the movie, such as Peter stabbing Edward with the butter knife, and Uriah’s character as a whole. I suppose I could go on all day about the things that were left out or changed for the movie, but that’s not the point of this post. My point is that I absolutely love the way the story unfolds and how complex the main characters are. Tris is truly one of the best heroines I’ve ever read about. She’s smart and strong-willed and incredibly brave. I don’t think I’ve ever looked up to a fictional character until now, and Shailene Woodley’s portrayal of Tris is wonderful in my opinion. I also love Four, he is a true leader and the perfect mix of strong and vulnerable and Theo James also gave an incredible performance. I even kind of like Eric, although that may only be because of Jai Courtney’s amazingly venomous performance in the movie. I also really love the Dauntless faction. In the back of the my book is all of the Faction Manifestos and the Dauntless manifesto is by far my favorite. If I had to choose a faction to spend the rest of my life in, I would definitely choose Dauntless because like them, I “believe in ordinary acts of bravery,” and jumping out trains and off of roofs sounds like a kick-ass way to spend my time!

I’ll cut my obsessive rant off here, and sign off by saying if you haven’t read or seen Divergent, I suggest you do ASAP because you will be blown away by Veronica Roth’s awesome imagery and brilliance. For more info on Divergent, visit Veronica Roth’s website and visit the official movie site here.


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