My thoughts on “Paper Towns” by John Green

Paper TPaperTowns2009_6Aowns is another fabulous novel by John Green and I absolutely loved it. The story is about a high school senior named Quentin and the girl hes been head over heels for since they were kids, His neighbor Margo. Margo takes Quentin on an adventure unlike any he’s ever experienced, then send him on his own adventure. With the help of his best friends, Quentin unravels the mystery that has always been Margo. I honestly was not expecting to love this book as much I did, even though it’s clear that by now I think John Green is a genius. It was funny and thought provoking and I loved the mystery aspect of it. I would certainly recommend this book to all who have not yet read it. The best part is that Paper Towns is in the process of becoming a movie starring Nat Wolff (Issac from The Fault in our Stars movie), and Model/Actress Cara Delevingne. The movie is set to be released June 5 of this summer and I am more than excited!

For more info on Paper Towns visit John Green’s website and for more info on the movie click here.

Hope you enjoy both!


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