My Thoughts on “The Distance Between Us”

The Distan15283043ce Between Us is a Young Adult novel by Kasie West. The novel is about a pair of star-crossed teens, Xander Spence and Caymen Meyers, who meet and become fast friends, despite their social and economic differences. Xander is the rich heir to a huge hotel franchise, while Caymen is the daughter of a poor and jaded single mother who owns a failing doll shop.

My impression of Caymen is that she is the most judgmental character I’ve ever come across. Her mother’s views of the lifestyles of the rich and famous become her own without even a second thought. However when she meets Xander, she finds her mindset wavering and despite looking for every flaw he might possess, she falls for him anyway.

Xander seems to be different than other rich boys. He isn’t spoiled, he rebels against his father like normal teenage boys, and he likes Caymen even though she’s poor. While Caymen spends the entire book worrying about what her mother will think about Xander, and making judgments that his parents will think shes too poor for him, Xander is all for meeting the parents and is completely unashamed.

Even though Caymen annoyed me at times, I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Young Adult romance.

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