My Experience with the Hush Hush Saga

Becca Fitzpatrick wrote a sahush-hushga of books titled Hush, Hush, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale. The series’ focus is on fallen angels and nephilim, and the relationship between the two main characters Nora and Patch. I read these books a while ago and my experience with this series is one that has stuck with me for a number of reasons. I decided to read Hush, Hush because I’ve always been very interested in the story of the fallen angels and prior to this book I read Fallen, a novel by Lauren Kate. I enjoyed the overall plot-line of Fallen, but it was a bit of a  slow read for me so I went to the book store in search of a similar story with a more engaging plot. In this instant, I’m guilty of the very thing we are told not to do as children – I judged the book by its cover – because the covers are all beautiful – and took Hush, Hush to the register.

While reading the book, I fell in love not only with the romance between Nora and Patch, but with the bigger picture of the story, and the way that Fitzpatrick took something biblical and made it her own. according to the Bible, Nephilim are a race of hybrids, children of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men.” Angels giving into temptation and having relations with mortals is what caused them to be rejected from heaven and stripped of their wings. Hush, Hush delves into that story and incorporates the struggles of true love as well. I also found playlists for each book on Spotify and all of the songs are so good and relate very well to the story. I’ve always thought that listening to music that relates to the story heightens the reading and writing experience, especially when it’s a story with a lot of depth.

As I got farther into the story, I decided to do some research on the lore of the fallen angels and I was so inspired by everything that I wrote a poem. But even with all of the interesting things I discovered and as much as I enjoyed reading the books, my imagination seemed to have gotten the better of me in the process. Some of the fallen angel stories are very dark and creepy and I definitely scared myself a bit. I even had a few nightmares.

While my experience with this saga was a bit scary at times, I enjoyed all four books very, very much and I plan to re-read them when I get the free time. In my opinion, Becca Fitzpatrick has written an amazing story with so many different twists and turns. It was romantic and heartbreaking and suspenseful! Anyone who is into supernatural romance will certainly be pulled into this amazing story.

For more information on the Hush, Hush saga visit Becca Fitzpatrick’s website, and if you decide to read the saga here are the playlists so you can listen while you read, for maximum enjoyment.